Together Is Better is an online festival and Jeans For Refugees fundraiser on 17th April 2021, in support of refugees worldwide.


Together Is Better will feature a diverse range of musical artists on 3 stages, all coming together to #ChooseLove and #PlayTheirPassion for this humanitarian cause. We are proud to present a line up packed with uplifting frequencies and illuminating vibrations, to nourish your soul and ignite your inspiration.


Inside the virtual festival site you can roam around and between stages, enjoying a wide range of musical magic. You can chill out to soothing folk music, dance your socks off to psy-trance, techno or drum’n’bass, rock out to African roots, or get down with some slinky downbeat chill out, all from the comfort of home!


Our fourth stage will be hosted by the lovely Jaz O’Hara and Steph Bennett – who will welcome special guests, refugee ambassadors, and representatives from a range of refugee organisations, coming together to share their inspirational stories. Integrating film, audio recordings and live interviews, the studio stage promises captivating, intimate insights into the reality of the refugee cause, as well as touching tales of transformation and realising dreams, that melt the heart and expand the mind.


We passionately believe we need to stand together, to support our global community by co-creating uplifting and inspiring experiences, with messages that matter. Coming together in the name of unity and freedom for all has never been more needed. Covid-19 has rocked the world: Change Is Here and the Time Is Now. More than ever, during this extraordinary time on earth, art has the power to uplift the human spirit, and provide humanity with messages of hope…


Music unites. Love Prevails. Together Is Better.


Jeans For Refugees already involves more than 100 celebrities who have donated their jeans to be hand-painted by Johny Dar and sold to raise funds for refugees worldwide. Gigi Hadid, Orlando Bloom, Harry Styles, Jessie J, Scarlett Johannson, Elton John, Ryan Gosling, Salma Hayek, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson are just a few of the many participants who have donated their denims for the cause.


Festival-goers will have access to a virtual Jeans For Refugees gallery, where they can wander, browse and shop celebrity-donated, Dar-designed jeans. 100% of every purchase and donation will go towards supporting refugees worldwide, and all proceeds from the festival will go to Choose Love and Worldwide Tribe.


Join us on April 17th and let’s #PaintANewParadigm together!


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